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Elsico products and services

We selling, service and repair:
New and refurbished HPLC systems, pumps, detectors, autosamplers, injection valves and other instruments for liquid chromatography

Prefer trouble-free brands of hplc:
Hplc pumps: Gilson, Rainin, SSI LabAlliance, Shimadzu, TSP, Jasco
Hplc detectors: Gilson, Rainin, Linear, Waters, Shimadzu, Jasco
Hplc valves and samplers: IDEX, Rheodyne, Spark, Vici

Modify and upgrade:
Your HPLC with detector, pump, autosampler, injection valve, degasser, column heater, solvent recycler and other chromatography equipment

Your trust supplier:
Chromatography columns
Method development kit for your applications
Deuterium and xenon lamps
Pumps pistons, seals, check valves
Steel and PEEK nuts, fittings, unions, tubings, filters

Producing columns:
Analytical and semi-preparative columns with more than 300 packing materials (Zorbax, Spherisorb, Reprosil, Hypersil, Kromasil, Luna and others)

Accepted payment methods are Wire transfer or Paypal